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Climate Change Adaptation in Coastal Areas of India

17 November 2016:Session 1

The first session of tenth day in India pavilion was held on “Climate Change Adaptation in Coastal Areas”. During the session there was elaborated discussion on Coastal threat and its vulnerability due to Climate Change. Dr. Kailash Chandra, Director, ZSI welcomed the participants and highlighted the importance of coastal zone for the existence of marine flora and fauna.

Shri. Ajay Narayan Jha, Secretary, MoEFCC in his address highlighted the key initiatives and regulations taken by MoEFCC for the conservation of Coastal Zone. He apprised all participants about a new mission on Coastal area initiated with the objective to build resilience of coastal communities, infrastructure and settlements as recommended by Prime Minister Council on Climate Change

Dr. S. Satapathy, MoEFCC briefly presented Coastal Vulnerability and India’s Interventions. He emphasised on Coastal Regulation Zone notified in 2011 with a view to ensure livelihood security to the fisher communities and other local communities, living in the coastal areas, to conserve and protect coastal stretches, its unique environment and its marine area and to promote development through sustainable manner. Highlighting India’s initiative Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) hesaid mapping and demarcation of coastal hazard lines for development of emergency response plans is being carried out in all the coastal states and union territories.

A documentary on “Coast under threat” was presented by MoEFCC. The documentary highlighted the threat of climate change on India’s huge 7,500 km coastline which is rich in marine biodiversity and many communities are depended on coast for their livelihood. Due to repeated high intensity cyclones there is massive destruction of ecological sensitive areas. It is also highlighted that it is essential to sensitize people on climate change and India is looking forward for COP-22 technology and financial support.

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